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  1. Yale students have until the end of sophomore year to declare a major. Yale graduates in all majors are prepared to serve in positions of leadership in every imaginable field. Use the Yale College Outcomes Interactive Tool , hosted by the Office of Career Strategy to explore the diversity of experiences recent graduates have pursued
  2. Yale College Programs of Study 2020-2021. A-Z Index; Print/Download Options; Bulletin Archive; Yale University Publications / Yale College Programs of Study / Majors in Yale College; Current Edition: YCPS Archive. Click to change. Catalog Navigation. The Undergraduate Curriculum; Academic Regulations; Majors in Yale College; Subjects of.
  3. All undergraduates attend Yale College, an intimate learning environment offering instruction in the liberal arts and sciences. Yale College website. Programs of Study. Browse available majors, academic requirements, and other key info about our undergraduate curriculum. Programs of Study
  4. Undergraduate Majors at Yale University The most popular undergraduate major at Yale University is Political Science and Government followed by Economics and History. A list of all 64 available majors and annual graduates is presented below
  5. Undergraduate Major. The requirements for a major have been approved by the department or program, by the Yale College Course of Study Committee or the Committee on Majors, and by the Yale College Faculty. The DUS is the officer of the department charged with the enforcement of these requirements

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The prerequisites for the E&EB major provide core scientific literacy. Beyond the prerequisites, the E&EB major may be satisfied by pursuing either of two tracks. T rack 1 emphasizes courses appropriate for ecology, evolutionary biology, and environmental science careers; Track 2 is appropriate for premedical and preveterinary students who can use courses required by medical schools, but not. The principal contact for prospective HSMPH majors is the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). The DUS is currently Professor Ivano Dal Prete (ivano.dalprete@yale.edu), whose office is in Edwin McClellan Hall, room 310. The DUS is the advisor for all sophomores in the major

Among undergraduates, history is one Yale's most popular and intellectually diverse majors, encompassing nearly every region and time period of the global past. The study of history is excellent preparation for careers in many fields, including law, journalism, business and finance, education, politics and public policy, social activism, and the arts This diversity of topics to study at Yale is followed by an array of post-college opportunities for the economics major. Economics majors work at government agencies such as the Federal Reserve, the Bureau of Labor Statistics or a local mayor's office; for non-profits that focus on topics from the arts to poverty alleviation; for research or think tanks such as the Urban Institute or The.

The following is a list of our degree-granting academic departments and programs. For a list of undergraduate majors, see the Yale College Programs of Study page Discover the majors and programs offered by Yale University and the types of degrees awarded. Top Ranked Majors. Best Colleges for History in America. 1 of 895. Best Colleges for Anthropology and Sociology in America. 1 of 757. Best Colleges for Chemistry in America. 2 of 655

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The major in Anthropology gives a firm grounding in this comparative discipline concerned with human cultural, with approval by the director of undergraduate studies. Majors are not required to present cognate courses, It is evaluated by the seminar instructor and a second reader drawn from the Yale faculty Linguistics majors must fulfill all Yale College requirements for the undergraduate curriculum. In addition, majors must complete 12 term courses in Linguistics and related majors (including the senior requirement), with the following distribution. Breadth requirement (four courses) The department has courses in eight core areas of linguistics

Undergraduate Major Forms Major Worksheets Students should fill out a psychology major worksheet before meeting with the DUS or the NS track advisor to have their schedule signed Undergraduate Registrar. Elizabeth Vellali Yale University Department of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry 333 Cedar Street, SHM CE-26A P.O. Box 208024. New Haven, CT 06520-8024 phone: (203) 737-2060 email: MBBUndergrad@yale.ed Edward Cooke, Jr, Director of Undergraduate Studies edward.cooke@yale.edu Tel: 203.432.2724 Loria 654 The study of art history ranges widely, from ancient cave paintings in Central Asia to new media installations in Manhattan

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Majors & Fields of Study at Yale University. Yale University offers 81 distinct undergraduate degrees, concentrated into 54 majors within 17 broad fields of study. Across all areas of study, Yale University awarded 1,664 undergraduate degrees in 2018 - 2019 Linguistics majors must fulfill all Yale College requirements for the undergraduate curriculum. In addition, majors must complete 12 term courses in Linguistics and related majors (including the senior requirement), with the following distribution. Breadth requirement (four courses) The department has courses in eight core areas of linguistics

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The requirements for the major can be found at YCPS Statistics and Data Science.. Please use this S&DS checklist to organize your course selections.. You can receive updates on the major by subscribing to the S&DS undergraduate student mailing list.. Prerequisite: MATH 120 (Calculus of Functions of Several Variables), ENAS 151 (Multivariable Calculus for Engineers), MATH 230 (Vector Calculus. Topics include form and genre, literary voice and the book as a material object, evaluating translations, and how literary strategies can be extended to read film, mass media, and popular culture. Junior seminar; preference given to juniors and majors Students considering a major in EPS should first explore the various alternative tracks among the B.A. and B.S. degrees, interested students should review the EPS program description on the Yale College Programs of Study site, and then arrange a meeting with the Director of Undergraduate Studies

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The mission of the Yale School of Management is to educate leaders for business and society. Toggle list visibility; Programs. MBA. MBA Undergraduate Majors . Undergraduate Majors . Breadcrumb navigation. Yale School of Management; MBA Undergraduate Majors; Explore. Discover. Connect. Facebook; LinkedIn The five year combined B.A/M.M. degree program is open to both music and non-music majors at no additional cost beyond Yale College tuition (the School of Music is tuition-free.) For more information on the B.A/M.M. Program please click here. Please contact Yale School of Music Admissions for more information:gradmusic.admissions@yale.ed For our undergraduate major, students combine courses in American Studies with courses from relevant disciplines in literature, history, the arts, and social sciences. The undergraduate major encourages innovative, non-traditional scholarship; it also requires a substantial foundation of knowledge of the United States from local, national, and global perspectives

Undergraduate The world is awash in moving images, shot on cell phones and mammoth sound stages, accumulating in vast archives on the internet and in climate-controlled vaults, images of nearly everything from everywhere -evanescent home movies, artistic masterworks, guilty pleasures, and essential documents Department of Statistics and Data Science. Yale University 24 Hillhouse Avenue New Haven, CT 06511. t 203.432.0666 f 203.432.0633. Contac Stan Eisenstat < stanley.eisenstat@yale.edu > The Department of Computer Science offers both Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts majors in Computer Science and a combined Bachelor's / Master's program. It also offers joint majors with the Departments of Economics, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Psychology The Sociology department offers four undergraduate programs leading to the B.A. degree: (1) the standard program focuses on sociological concepts, theories, and methods; (2) a combined program allows students to combine sociology with a concentration in another field; (3) a concentration in markets and society focuses on the cultural frameworks, social ties, and social institutions that give. To confirm registering for the EPE major, please complete this form, attach your latest Yale transcript and the course approval email(s) from the EPE DUS. Email this information as one file to the EPE kellianne.farnham@yale.edu. Once everything is approved, the Yale College Registrar's Office will be asked to change your major to EPE

The principal faculty contact for prospective HSHM majors is the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). The DUS for 2018-2019 is Ivano Dal Prete. He can be reached by e-mail ivano.dalprete@yale.edu Students interested in obtaining information about the HSHM major or who wish to register for it should contact Professor Dal Prete For Non-Majors The Department of Linguistics offers several courses open to students with no previous training in the field. These courses provide a general introduction to the subject matter and technical methods of linguistics, both for students who do not plan to major in Linguistics and for prospective majors Yale undergraduate majors are encouraged to develop their own research projects based on a variety of sources, including material from Yale expeditions and artifacts housed within the Yale Art Gallery, the Yale Peabody Museum, and Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

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  1. The standard major Program I consists of twelve term courses in Religious Studies, including the core of six required courses, the two-term senior essay, and four electives. The electives are usually selected from Groups C and D and form a coherent unit to help the student prepare for the senior essay
  2. The Multidisciplinary Academic Program in Human Rights offers Yale undergraduates the opportunity to explore human rights from an interdisciplinary perspective, providing students with the analytical and practical skills necessary for human rights study and human rights-related careers
  3. These courses form the core of the undergraduate major. Their companion second semesters, Math 370, 305, and 315, are also highly recommended. The requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics include those for the B.A. degree, plus two additional advanced science courses approved by the DUS
  4. Requirements of the major. Students in the Classes of 2021-2023 (who are not current EP&E majors) you must complete six of the eight prerequisites and get DUS approval before majoring in EP&E. The remaining two prerequisites must be completed prior to graduation. The class of 2024 must complete all eight prerequisites before majoring in EP&E
  5. We encourage all neuroscience majors to conduct research during the semester and over the summer, whether as part of courses (470/471 and 490/491), as a volunteer, or as employment (e.g., work-study)

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The Undergraduate Handbook is a comprehensive guide for prospective and current Chemistry Majors, with a complete description of requirements and opportunities. Students with B.A. or B.S. degrees in chemistry go on to a variety of professions The undergraduate major is among the largest on campus, and the graduate program produces Ph.D. students who have taken leadership positions in the discipline. Many Political Science faculty also play active roles in related programs at Yale, such as the Program in Ethics, Politics, and Economics; Directed Studies; the Institution for Social And Policy Studies; and the MacMillian Center

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Yale Undergraduate Production's full list of Build and Paint Spaces. Undergraduates currently enrolled in a Sculpture course, and Undergraduate Art majors. School of Architecture. Space/Location: The School of Architecture owns some large fabrication and prototyping equipment located in Rudolph Hall This page is intended as a resource guide for undergraduates, both majors and nonmajors, in choosing courses of study and programs in the Mathematics Department. It supplements the Yale College Programs of Study, which contains official program and and course information and should be consulted for further details

Students interested in the major are encouraged to contact the director of undergraduate studies early in their academic careers to discuss potential options. Admission to the major Students interested in the Sociology major should complete either a freshman seminar or at least one introductory course (numbered 110-149) by the end of the sophomore year The Undergraduate Registrar's office is located in Rosenkranz Hall, Room 130. Please know that we encourage students to stay in close contact with their 2 majors throughout their time at Yale to ensure they will meet all of the requirements Undergraduate Courses For course times, locations, and syllabi for the current academic year, ** please see OCI (Online Course Information) . Also note that some graduate courses may also be open to undergraduates with permission of the instructor The Undergraduate Major in African American Studies Description The African American Studies major examines, from numerous disciplinary perspectives, the experiences of people of African descent in Black Atlantic societies, including the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America

In addition to all the regular requirements for the undergraduate major, the student must complete 8 credits in the graduate school (2 of these credits can count both towards undergraduate and graduate credits). For details, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Andrew Johnston (andrew.johnston@yale.edu) Non-native speakers of English who are granted permission by Yale College to complete the language requirement by taking ENGL 114a or b, 120a or b, or 450b may take three additional English literature courses to fulfill the foreign literature requirement of the Comparative Literature Major or may fulfill the Major requirements in a third language

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Incoming S tudent Important Yale Photo ID Information- April 13th, 2020. Applied Mathematics Major: FAQ. Welcome to Applied Math at Yale! This FAQ is designed to serve as a one-stop-shop for students interested in the undergraduate Applied Math major: from prospective Applied Math majors all the way to seniors completing their final requirements Undergraduate Program Astronomy is a quantitative physical science that applies physics, mathematics and statistical analysis to observing, describing and modeling the Universe. The undergraduate courses and degree programs offered by the Department of Astronomy trains students in research techniques and quantitative reasoning and develops creative problem solvers By Yale College regulation, students may take up to three credits in MCDB 474 during their first six terms as a Yale undergraduate. Underclassmen and non-majors are only able to take MCDB 474 - Independent Research as a Pass/Fail. This contributes to the thirty course credits required for graduation, but does not substitute for any of the. As an English major, you will take courses that span the historical breadth of literature and culture in Britain, America, and beyond. In your senior year, you will have the opportunity to carve out a personal area of expertise in the form of the Senior Essay, an extended research project that serves as the culmination of your achievements in writing and scholarship at Yale

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Town hall for any concerns/suggestions undergraduate students might have for the coming semester. Meeting by Zoom. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android Undergraduate Program Welcome, all, to the Yale Classics department! In these pages you will find information about us and about our courses. The Major in Classics at Yale offers students the chance to study the languages, literatures, material culture,. Yale University Academics. The student-faculty ratio at Yale University is 6:1, and the school has 72.6% of its classes with fewer than 20 students A Letter to the Theater and Performance Studies Community at Yale July 1, 2020 Originally published June 16, 2020 Dear Theater and Performance Studies community, This spring and summer have brought cataclysmic national tragedy alongside extremely.. The undergraduate program in English teaches students foundational research and writing skills while cultivating their powers of argument and analysis. Through the major's structure—moving from introductory courses in literature and writing to advanced independent research in the junior and senior years—students develop a strong sense of history as it touches, and is expressed within.

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Director of Undergraduate Studies. Energy, the environment, Yale Chemical Engineering majors ultimately become leaders in academia, industry, government, business, and the non-profit sector. The Department of Chemical Engineering at Yale offers the following two majors: Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Yale Undergraduate Ballet Company is Yale's only dance group devoted solely to ballet technique and performance. Despite our name, we welcome students from all graduate and professional schools as well. The company offers a space for ballet dancers at Yale to work seriously on technique and enjoy performance opportunities each year Vi hjälper dig jämföra produkter, priser och återförsäljare online

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As described in the Yale College Programs of Study, graduation with distinction in the major requires that students earn an A or A- in 3/4 of the credits taken for the major. This includes all courses required for the major (including math, physics, chemistry, biology), not just courses from the MB&B department Yale College Undergraduate Junior and Senior Majors by Gender. 2017-18 to 2018-19: 2017-18 2018-19 Total Yale College Majors 705 638 1343 711 667 1378 718 656 1374 687 704 1391 . Yale University. Yale College Undergraduate Junior and Senior Majors. The Yale Applied Physics major offers a unique combination of depth and flexibility through courses and research with which students can maximize their professional development and pursue their own interests. Students majoring in Applied Physics take courses in both physics and engineering, as well as courses specifically in applied physics

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According to the Admissions' website, the most popular majors for the Class of 2018 were (in no particular order) were: Computer Science, Economics, Ethics Politics and Economics, Biology and Political Science. Reason for these majors? Well the re.. Defining Religion Since 1963 Contact site editor or department at (203) 432-082 The Yale College Deans Office in consultation with the Directors of Undergraduate Studies has undertaken a project designed to help students compare majors and navigate their ways through them. We have created a roadmap or visual representation indicating how students go through that major as well as a typical course sequence, in some cases Yale doesn't have an undergraduate business major. That being said, there is a fantastic economics department that has a long and distinguished history. Economics is among the most popular undergraduate majors at Yale and there are a lot of opport.. Yale College's academic requirements, together with a student's major requirements, comprise the foundation of an undergraduate education at Yale. As students fulfill the area and skills distributional requirements, they engage in critical thinking across a wide variety of disciplines

More Sophomores Choose Course VII - The TechProspective Students | The MacMillan CenterSize distribution of graduate and undergraduate programsPhilip Gingerich | U-M LSA Museum of PaleontologyRay Jayawardhana | Cornell University College of Arts and

Majors and Programs NYU Expand Breadcrumbs. Click to see full trail. Admissions Undergraduate Admissions Majors and Programs Skip Sidebar. Majors and Programs Arts As an undergraduate, you'll have opportunities to work with professors on groundbreaking research Page: Majors, Concentrations and Other Programs of Study - African American and African Diaspora StudiesAmerican StudiesAncient StudiesAnthropolog Undergraduate Majors and Premajors Undergraduates can choose from 137 majors and enter a premajor when it is required before admittance to the major. Majors and premajors can be viewed by name, abbreviation, code, school, or division See Yale Course Search for DRST 003/004 Directed Studies: Philosophy (DS) An examination of major figures in the history of Western philosophy with an aim of discerning characteristic philosophical problems and their the proposed course of study must be approved by both the director of undergraduate studies and the. The central intellectual challenge of Environmental Studies (EVST) is to combine the knowledge and diverse perspectives offered by the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences in order to help solve the diverse environmental problems that we face today. Environmental Studies is interdisciplinary, preparing the best and the brightest students to solve environmental problems today and. A good place to start the search for a research opportunity is Undergraduate Research at Yale, an informative site not only about research at Yale but also PIs, labs, and other sources, and YURA Research Database, a comprehensive directory of Yale faculty research across all disciplines, and our 2019 slideshow from the faculty - student matchmaking sessions where faculty gave 2 minute talks on.

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