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SelfCare; User Dashboard Repeaters 0 Full report. Hotspots 0 Full report. Masters 0 Full report. Voice calls 0 Full report. Repeater in RX. Repeater in TX. External calls. Map. Latest BrandMeister News. Click the slice of the pie to see more details Click the slice of the pie to see more details with by the BrandMeister Dev Team. Like us on. The BrandMeister Dashboard is a veritable mine of useful information. It is particularly important as in probably several instances, folk have found themselves apparently blocked from the network and have blamed the network, where in fact a setting in self-care has been set accidentally BrandMeister SelfCare Center. Klik hier voor full screen. HamDigitaal Flash-.-.- 28-10-2020 Nieuwe codeplug PD785G ON2PCO -.-.- 12-10-2020 Nieuwe Codeplug en CPS voor 685AR door Carel PA3EHA firmware versie 8 -.-.- 12-10-2020 Nieuwe codeplug MD785G, MD785, PD785G, PD785 diverse modellen, PD685G, PD685,. Pages using the property Selfcare Showing 25 pages using this property. (previous 25) (

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Tutorial para muy recien llegados a DMR en el que se explica cómo hacer que las locuciones de Brandmeister nos lleguen en castellano. Y cómo modificar nuestr.. In May 2020, the number of amateur radio operators who have created a Self-Care account on the BrandMeister DMR network has reached 50,000 unique call-signs.. This milestone is a good opportunity to look back at the exponential growth of the network since it started just 4 years ago, and to say thank you to all those who made it happen: developers, users, bloggers, documentation writers.

Publicado en Red BrandMeister Etiquetas: cambio indicativo, selfcare 2 Comments Panel Control BrandMeister EA; DashBoard Global; Mapa de la Red DMR; IAMSocial, un tema de WordPress de @aicragellebasi. BrandMeister Getting Started Guide This guide is intended to help PAPA members learn about and explore the BrandMeister network. PAPA's evaluation of BrandMeister will end on 4/18/2016. At that time we will poll member BrandMeister Hotspot Security. BrandMeister have available the option to use Hotspot Security, this is a method to use a custom password for your connection to BrandMeister, to ensure that nobody else can connect a hotspot to BrandMeister using your hotspot (or repeater) ID 2) Using the BrandMeister API. In order to use the features available via the BrandMeiser API, you need to get a BrandMeister API key. You should make a note of it as you can view it in BrandMeister SelfCare only once, and you'll need it for the automation commands described below

This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder In the BrandMeister SelfCare Settings window for the hotspot, scroll down to the Static Talkgroups section to see static and auto-static talkgroups. Note: It can take a while for an auto-static talkgroup to show up in the Static Talkgroups list, and sometimes you must refresh to see the change A BrandMeister user API key allows a third-party applications to interact with its owner's SelfCare information and functionalites. For example, a BrandMeister user can provide his API key to a mobile application in order to review and make change to its BrandMeister personal Self-Care and its repeaters First, create a personalized password in your BrandMeister selfcare. 1. Login to your BrandMeister Selfcare. 2. On the top right, click on your Callsign. 3. Click on the SelfCare option. 4. At the bottom of the page, check the box Hotspot Security 5. A password box will appear. Enter your personalized hotspot password and click. The BrandMeister servers have a gateway to APRS.fi for location information. Setting up GPS support on your radio is easy and once setup works well. Basic settings are listed at You will need to

AirSecurity allows protection of your ID on the air from illegal use by making time-limited access using your ID. This feature is optional, you can turn it on or off via Dashboard Massive thanks and credit go to Duane Reese, N6DMR For more information about the AnyTone Software, call 816-532-8451 or contactus@bridgecomsystems.com For i.. 3-1. Checking current talkgroup's status in a browser. Once you have your BrandMeister SelfCare account set up, you can use the My hotspots ID for your active hotspot to check the status of static and auto-static talkgroups right in your browser using this URL {tourEnabled:false,wacLink:https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/service-desk/powered-by?utm_medium=jira-in-product&utm_source=jira_service_desk_portal_footer. Problem z SelfCare brak zalogowania HTTP ERROR 500

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BrandMeister CallDirector Repeater 1 Repeater 2 Repeater N Site 2 BrandMeister CallDirector Repeater 1 Repeater 2 Repeater N Site N BrandMeister CallDirector Repeater 1 Repeater 2 Repeater N DashBoard / SelfCare Pros: • Call switching • High capacity • Peer-to-Peer on the backbone • No issues with IP-routing on the last mile • Multi. I went to BM Selfcare and hotspot settings. The static talkgroups section showed radio buttons for my home tg, tg91 and tg52002 but no radio button was selected. I dropped all dynamic groups. I rejoined (key-up) my home tg, and and soon saw tg91 reappear on the Dashboard. A repeat of the previous foray into BrandMeister Selfcare cleared it up Step 4 BrandMeister SelfCare settings Set Brand option to Motorola Set APRS Callsign to xxxxx-9 (select from the pull down) Set APRS Icon APRS Text - Your Name (Joe Smith UK) If you do not have an account make one up. APRS Text is also used for Talker Alias Talker Alias (Your Name) gets displayed on Hytera, MD380 and other radio Hoseline is a real time streaming application for the BrandMeister network. The Hoseline streaming nodes are part of the BrandMeister full mesh and receive streams from the national masters directly. Changelog. Hoseline 2.2.1: DMR ID to call/name lookups now read from dstar.su registry; Fixed locking issue; Update font-awesome to 4.7. BrandMeister Talkgroup List There are 1573 available TalkGroups on the BrandMeister network. The below table is generated by connecting to the BrandMeister API, this data is live as of the time this page was loaded. Live listening powered by BrandMeister Hose Line

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  1. BrandMeister Dashboard. 2.7K likes. Welcome to the facebook page of the official BrandMeister Dashboard! Like us and enable post notifications to stay up to date on future developments
  2. BrandMeister API keys 09. ** You must setup SelfCare ** 10. Get a 7dig ID Number 11. Acceptable use on 235 & 2350: 12. Brandmeister APRS 13. Sending APRS Text & Talker Alias: 14. DMR Text Message 15. DMR ID Lookup: 16. TOT - Radio Timeout Timer 17. Videos: 18. Making a Private Call 19. Brandmeister News: 20. UK Reflectors and Talk Groups 21.
  3. Persönlicher Brandmeister Zugang / SelfCare; Brandmeister Netzwerkkarte; Grafische BM QSO-Beispiele; NEWS. DMR OE Support Runde (47. Ausgabe): Dienstag, 17. November 2020, 19 Uhr Reflektor 4189 IPSC2. Covid19 Rund-QSO donnerstags, 18 Uhr DMR IPSC2 Zeitschlitz 1 Sprechgruppe TG232 Österreich
  4. Hi, Gareth. The hotspot security password is what you setup in Brandmeister Self Care. This is a safeguard to keep people from being able to enter your DMR ID into their hotspot and pretend that they are you. So go to BM Selfcare, and configure a password. Then you enter that same password between the quotes. Jeff VE6D
  5. ated audio) support
  6. Fixed or Static talk groups are those that are locked open 24/7 or by schedule, by activating this function on self-care, or by the functionality of PiStar software, or forced by MMDVM changes. By and large UK Brandmeister repeaters are open to the UK on slot 2, and internationally on slot 1, except where they have chosen to cluster with other locally grouped repeaters
  7. or brandmeister support. Do not create a SelfCare account for your repeater callsign ! Important : Enter the HAAT in the height field

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California Talk Groups Number Time Slot AA / UA Name Notes 31050 1 UA NorCal 1* 31051 1 UA NorCal 5150* 31061 1 UA CAL 1 31089 1 UA Hytera US Digital Radio Amateur Technologies: APRS · AMPR · D-STAR · DMR · System Fusio Selfcare BrandMeister. DMR APRS su Ailunce HD1, con il Firmware ver. 1.60 . 1 anno ago ik6dio . Il Palmare DMR Ailunce HD1 è sempre più completo, con il firmware arrivato alla versione Ricerca per: #IO RESTO A CASA. My WebSDR. Work in Progress. Articoli. HAM-DMR.be. DMR in Belgian HAM radio. Menu Home; DMR. Wat is DMR? Wat is AMBE? Wat is Talker Alias Homebrew/MMDVM® connector. You can use this connector to connect to a network which supports the Homebrew or the MMDVM® protocol, like BrandMeister, DMRplus, Phoenix, DMR-MARC, XLX. The easiest way is to use the Quick setup to connect to these networks.. This connector supports 2 protocols: Homebrew and MMDVM®.Use the Homebrew protocol to connect to BrandMeister network servers, and the.

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  1. BrandMeister API Integration. Pi-Star has had some basic integration with the BrandMeister API for some time, allowing information about your repeater or hotspot to be read from the BrandMeister network, however all of this information was only available as read-only
  2. BrandMeister as included the ability for you to modify the text sent via Talker Alias, this is done through the Selfcare page using the APRS Text field. BrandMeister always adds your call sign in front of the APRS Text field
  3. See more of BrandMeister Dashboard on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Related Pages. Anytone At-D868uv / At-D878uv DMR Users. Electronics. BrandMeister Network. Science, Technology & Engineering. QRZ. Problems with the selfcare system are resolved. English (US
  4. I have also tried the drop qso and drop all dynamic buttons on the brandmeister api in pi-star as well as from the selfcare page. Sometimes it works and others it doesn't. But usually always works for me is moving the tg to the left in the static tg box of the bm selfcare page
  5. PI1KPH DMR Hytera repeater 438.150 MHz CC4 (BrandMeister) PI1KPH DMR Motorola repeater 438.150 MHz CC2 (MARC) Lokatie: Zwolle (JO32CO) / Nieuwleusen bij hotel de Koperen Hoogte Frequentie: 438.

This is a page with some basic contact information, such as an address and phone number. You might also try a plugin to add a contact form Brandmeister SelfCare settings Set Brand option to Motorola. Set APRS Callsign to xxxxx-9 Set APRS Icon If you do not have an account make one up. Use: After installing the updated code plug. Select the channel with the GPS and press GPS Trigger Button. APRS Setup Guid The Brandmeister network has some functions to request information via SMS messages. To access these functions specific keywords are to be sent to DMR ID 262993 DSTAR.SU SelfCare; Digital Radio Amateur Technologies; Brandmeister Hoseline Brandmeister scanner/monitor. Canada - BrandMeister; Popular Posts. Talkgroup Available on BrandMeister (Full List) Talkgroup Available on BrandMeister (Full List) Available on BrandMeister BrandMeister Network Users Discussion Group https:. While on Brandmeister's website, make sure to visit the Self Care page under your callsign (top right) and set your radio type and other information. Important if you want to use text messaging through brandmeister. Program your DMR radio with the ID and enjoy world wide communication over DMR! I have my ID and my radio is charged, what.

Brandmeister Register Hotspot. Brandmeister Register Hotspo BrandMeister Digital Radio. Dashboard 'Dutch Only' BrandMeister 'LastHeard PI1UTR' BrandMeister ; Dashboard 'International' BrandMeister ; Statuspagina BrandMeister Netwerk; SelfCare Center BrandMeister; DMR+ User Dashboard; DMR+ Master; DMR Real Time Monitor; DMR-ID Database Zoekmachine; APRS - Automatic Position Reporting System. APRS Status. The Brandmeister portal now automatically generates coverage maps for repeaters ! Once sysops have entered their repeater information on BrandMeister (coordinates,height,power,antenna), the portal will provide a coverage map, courtesy of RF mapping leaders RFinder and CloudRF. General Notes. To access the coverage maps, click on a repeater By now you should have a DMR ID number and a Brandmeister Self Care account. If not then you'll need to get a DMR ID from the DMR-MARC website. You'll also need a Self Care account with Brandmeister.I have multiple hotspots so when I enter my ID in the Pi Star configuration I use my DMR ID plus an additional digit The port for BrandMeister servers is 62030. Make sure you use the default password passw0rd (without the double quotation marks) or if it still does not work, use the hotspot security password you've set on your BrandMeister Selfcare page

BrandMeister Manager module: If you use BrandMeister SelfCare, you have the option to turn on the BrandMeister Manager. For more info, see the note: Pi-Star's BrandMeister Manager module. See also Using the BrandMeister API by Vladimir, AC2F. D-Star Link Manager: An optional way for reflector linking/unlinking Hotspot Security - If you have enabled a Hotspot Security password in BrandMeister SelfCare, enter it here to enable your hotspot to access the BrandMeister Network. DMR TG - Enter the talkgroup you want to use for YSF2DMR mode. If you enable WiresX Passthrough, you can change this from the radio. If any changes made, click Apply Changes

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  1. Home. Pi-Star is a software image built initially for the Raspberry Pi (produced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation). The design concept is simple, provide the complex services and configuration for Digial Voice on Amateur radio in a way that makes it easily accessable to anyone just starting out, but make it configurable enough to be interesting for those of us who cant help but tinker
  2. Optional Setting Fonero; Mode Digital Func Aert Tone Display VFD scan Fooer Saue Single Slot Cancel Alto repeater Kev Function Volume!Audio Digital Fun
  3. i at CC=01 . D-STA
  4. Register and to https://brandmeister.network; Under Profile->SelfCare set the parameters as in the following picture, specifying your callsign and an APRS SSID to associate to your DMR radio Tune your radio to a DMR repeater on Brandmeister Find your GPS destionation. As of March 1st, 2019, BrandMeister phased out the GPS destination 5057

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Here is my approach to using talkgroups and my AnyTone radio on BrandMeister, as well as using the BrandMeister SelfCare account to check the status of static and auto-static talkgroups right in the browser. There's also some commands that can be used in any Linux Terminal, and they also should work in Windows Subsystem for [ Once you can logon to Brandmeister Selfcare you come to your account page. Click on Selfcare under your Callsign in the top right and you will be directed to your Selfcare settings. Set Radio Brand to Chinese Radio Set your preferred APRS interval (I would probably pick 180 seconds) Set your other settings to your preference then turn on In Call GP

TGIF Network,TGIF Network - Lastheard. Radio ID: 311701601. Callsign: EA7KDO. Name: Mitch Savage. City: Nerja. State: Malag Welcome to T G I F Network . Now up and running on our own brand shiny new server, which runs 24 7 365 days a year. Our Mission is: That we can discuss and explore new technologies, DMR radios, digital modes, computers, and that these discussions can be held in a friendly and knowledgeable environment whilst still promoting Amateur Radio Il faut vérifier sur votre compte self-care BrandMeister que les TGs sont branchés ou débranchés correctement pour les premières essaies. Avec votre compte DMR ID normal, le DV4Mini va être sur la gauche - Hotspots - avec les 9 Chiffres. Donc vous pouvez fait l'edition de toute information concernante votre hot-spot, sauf le URL

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Amateur radio: Using the BrandMeister APIF6GVE - Profile | BrandMeisterEA2EDF - Profile | BrandMeisterMMDVM注册DMRid和注册BrandMeister设置静态组呼Persönlicher Brandmeister Zugang / SelfCare – DMR AustriaGNU Radio Workshop | HamDigitaalAnytone AT-D578UV III PRO review | HamDigitaalRetevis RT95 review | HamDigitaalRetevis RT-84 | HamDigitaalExternal display, misschien ook voor de IC-9700
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